COVID-19 Update

We have taken a staged approach to allowing visitors to the nursing home. This to protect our residents and staff from coming into contact with the virus. As some of the families reside in different regions of the UK, the lockdown rules for your area need to be applied in the first instance. If you are planning to visit the nursing home then please arrange it in advance with the nurse/duty manager as lockdown rules may not permit visitors.

Below are links to the current information made available from the Scottish government.

New measures to stop the spread published 7 Oct 2020.

Guidance rules for visiting the nursing home.

Moorburn Manor Nursing Home is a grade 5 family owned business now in its second generation and situated in a residential area close to Largs town centre.

We have established a first class reputation specialising in the provision of care for frail, elderly people with complex medical needs including dementia. Our dedicated and highly trained team provide 24 hour nursing care and strive to ensure our residents enjoy a safe, comfortable and homely environment.

Moorburn Manor Nursing Home is aware that moving into a new home is a major change in life, to enable the right choices to be made and an invitation is extended to come and spend some time with us, with a family member or friend. The invitation is extended to come and join us for a meal.

Our aims and objectives

Our aim at Moorburn Manor Nursing Home is to provide a high standard of nursing care for each and every resident.

We will aim to

  • Provide a safe, comfortable and homely environment to live in
  • To maximise our residents development within their own physical, intellectual and emotional potential
  • To ensure that wishes are respected
  • Acknowledge any ethnic, religious and cultural background
  • Ensure that our residents are supported in maintaining their civil rights by adhering to our own equal opportunities and discrimination policies

Do you have a family member needing to be cared for?

Send us your details and we will put you on our waiting list.